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IEK DELTA was established in 1971 and soon became the leader in Vocational Training in Greece, certified by the Greek Ministry of Education and the E.U. With 48 years of experience in private education, offering Level 5 Post-Secondary Training Programs. Its goal is to ensure the quality of the provided knowledge and high levels of professional rehabilitation and employment. IEK DELTA operates in a 4500m2 building of high quality facilities, located in the heart of Athens. New technology equipment, specialized labs, project rooms and thematic classrooms cover most of the functional space in the buildings. Since June 2018, IEK DELTA has established a new campus in West Attica, following the same design and quality pattern. IEK DELTA has developed a unique learning environment, with 53 Specialties divided in 5 Schools: School of Engineering & Information Technology, School of Tourism & Culinary Arts, School of Beauty & Health, School of Arts & Education, School of Business & Communication IEK DELTA remains faithful to its values: Transparency, Ethics, Responsibility and Reliability. Its priority is to strengthen an honest relationship with the students and foresee all upcoming trends, in order to create a fruitful student experience!

Contact person: Dr. Konstantinos N. Kiousis | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.iekdelta.gr | +306946718032